VDI 6022 – hygiene requirements

The VDI 6022 directive, which was created as a ‘technical rule’ by the Association of German Engineers (VDI), relates to the hygiene requirements of room air systems and units (known as clean-air devices) and the assessment of room air quality.

The goal of the VDI 6022 series of directives (‘Ventilation and indoor-air quality’) is to generate healthy breathing air in buildings. The directive therefore addresses the hygiene of room air systems and units with the minimum goal of ensuring that the quality of the air emitted into the room is not any lower than that of the air drawn in by the system or unit.

Each individual operator of a clean-air device is personally responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations. VDI 6022 requires a regular hygiene inspection every two years for units with humidifiers and every three years for units without humidifiers. Only specially trained maintenance personnel who meet specific minimum requirements may perform the inspection and testing of the room air units.

The specifications are monitored by factory inspectorates and the occupational safety authorities. This involves the room air units being checked and examined with regard to issues such as compliance with design-related requirements as stated in VDI 6022 concerning design, damage, contamination and functional aspects.