LGH and LGF –
highly developed units with a range of benefits

The units in the LGH and LGF series are centralised Lossnay ventilation solutions. This means that the ventilation unit is controlled and regulated throughout the entire building via a central system. As a result, there are no units that may create disturbances in the individual rooms – simply discreet air inlets and outlets

Controlled ventilation is good. Controlled ventilation combined with an air-conditioning system is better. In order to attain a comprehensive room climate solution, the units in the LGH series and the LGF floor-mounted unit can be combined very easily and efficiently with the powerful City Multi VRF and Mr. Slim air-conditioning systems. You do not require an additional control unit or an extra adapter in order to connect to the data bus.

Additional benefits provided by the centralised ventilation systems are the very low sound level, the automatic (de-)humidification of the fresh air that is supplied and the connection for use with a CO₂ sensor. This sensor can be used to adapt the fresh air volume in the room to suit all requirements. Thanks to the free-cooling function, which can be activated from the outside via a connector, the rooms can be supplied with cool outside air at night. This ensures a further reduction in the energy requirement of the air-conditioning system.

Floor-mounted unit
featuring hygienic design

LGF The highly developed LGF floor-mounted unit is the ideal solution for complex buildings such as offices, hotels, museums, theatres, universities, hospitals, shopping centres and industrial facilities. This enables the unit to deliver energy savings of up to 70%. In combination with a Mr. Slim or City Multi VRF air-conditioning system, it can achieve an efficiency and heat recovery rate of nearly 88%.

Easy to clean

LGF The Lossnay LGF floor-mounted unit features a specially constructed enclosure with a hygienic design and has been tested and certified according to VDI 6022. This means that all components are easy to access from the front, which makes cleaning simple.

Air duct mounted units with low maintenance requirements

LGH Thanks to a wide range of models featuring air flows between 38 and 2,500 m³, the units in the LGH series can be deployed in all modern buildings and thereby generate a healthy environment for living and working. The LGH units are not only particularly low maintenance, they are also especially economical thanks to the energy-saving fan motors with DC inverter technology.

Tailored to perfection

LGH The new Lossnay units in the RVX (T) series enable optimum adjustment of the fresh air volume in line with individual requirements. This is made possible by four fan stages that cover a range from 25% to 100% of the air volume. The desired fan stage can easily be specified via a signal of 0 to 10 V issued by the building management system.”

GUG – heat exchanger
unit for LGH devices

The GUG heat exchanger unit is connected to the Lossnay LGH-RVX, with both systems being combined to form a single unit. Depending on the spatial conditions, the flexible installation options mean that the GUG can be connected to the Lossnay LGH either directly or at a distance.

Combined benefits:

The outside air is pre-conditioned by the Lossnay LGH unit, directed into the GUG heat exchanger unit and post-conditioned by the heat exchanger. Certain situations do not require the installation of an additional indoor unit for air conditioning, which reduces the amount of assembly and installation work. It is generally possible to implement regulation of the return air or the supply air. A further benefit is that the sound pressure level of the LGH is significantly reduced by the heat exchanger. The combination of the LGH and the GUG can be deployed as the main air-conditioning system or as a fresh air supply system.