VL50 and VL100 –
controlled ventilation for small spaces.

Whether in individual offices, living spaces or small businesses, the VL50 and VL100 decentralised ventilation units deliver the benefits of controlled ventilation with heat recovery in an ideal manner – even in smaller spaces. The two ventilation systems stand out not only thanks to the low amount of installation work they require and their very quiet operation at 25 dB, but also because they provide increased efficiency of up to 80% when it comes to the temperature exchange between discharged room air and newly supplied fresh air.

Big performance that requires little work

VL50 The decentralised ventilation unit wows customers with a clear benefit: only one core opening is required for the purpose of installation. This is made possible by an efficient pipe-in-pipe system, whereby the external pipe draws in the outside air while the internal pipe directs the stale air outwards. Another practical feature of the flexible installation is that the VL50 can be attached both horizontally and vertically.

Sleek appearance
and top performance

VL100 High output and a smart look – the VL100 has got it all. Featuring a cutting-edge design in understated pure white, the Lossnay unit has been honoured with the iF Design Award. And it gets better: the small duct connections mean that only small-diameter core openings are required, with the result that the unit is also ideal for retrofitting.